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Adopting Children Across State Lines

Adoptions are exciting opportunities for families to grow. When your adoption crosses state lines, the extra paperwork and compliance matters can move the excitement to the back burner. With the help of Christina T. Sherman, PLLC, you can bring the joy of adoption back to the forefront. We make the legal obstacles easier to understand, letting you focus on the best interests of your new addition.

Attorney Christina T. Sherman has guided countless families through the adoption process since founding her practice in Fircrest. Ms. Sherman takes pride in resolving legal situations for adoptive families with dedication and professionalism.

Helping Families Ensure Compliance

The Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) can be one of the largest speed bumps for growing families. The ICPC governs all interstate adoptions in the U.S. and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Your ICPC paperwork must be approved in both the child’s birth state and your state of residence before you can bring your child home. Processing the forms can take seven to 10 business days, so planning ahead is crucial.

For your ICPC forms to be approved, your home study must be complete and up to date. An incomplete home study or a home study out of compliance with both states’ requirements can delay the adoption significantly.

Our Network Can Benefit You

Because filing ICPC paperwork usually begins in the child’s birth state, we have established a national network of adoption attorneys who can assist you with the process, no matter where your child’s sending state may be.

As with most adoptions, interstate adoptions also require that the parental rights of the birth parents be terminated. In instances when the father is known, adoptions can encounter complications. While the father may not oppose terminating their rights, they may not take the necessary steps to provide legal consent. Without legal consent, the adoption process can slow considerably. When these cases arise, Ms. Sherman can collaborate with attorneys in the child’s birth state to find the best way forward.

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