Success Stories


Good things come to those who wait. Cathryn received her adoption from her step father Damian as a birthday present from her mom, Devon -- 2 days after she turned 18! It was delightful to help this lovely family legally formalize their long time father-daughter relationship.


It was a wonderful day when I was able to help ElvyMae and her lovely son Fabian finalize their adoption! Fabian was excited to go to court so he could get his passport, which he needed to visit his overseas grandfather for the first time! Fabian was born in Iowa, had a birth mother in Saipan, a birth father in Texas, and was being adopted in Washington -- it was a truly interstate adoption!


Connie and Eddie had been raising their 4 beautiful grandchildren, Jasiah, Keyana, Alice, and Jamila, for nearly the children's whole lives. It was a special moment when we were able to finalize their adoption -- and have the court legally recognize the family they have been for years. Goes to show you -- from infants to teenagers -- everyone loves an adoption bear!