Client Reviews

"You're an Amazing Attorney."

"Christina, thank you very much for our amazing son! You took on one of the most complicated case ever that no else wanted to take and did an outstanding job. We are very blessed to have met you! Through it all, you fought the odds alone and you never gave up on us.

We will never forget you and always know you have a place in our hearts. You're amazing!!! We love you and Thank You once again!!" - Elvymae

"Outstanding, Compassionate and Loyal."

"Christina Sherman, I must say is an outstanding lawyer. My husband and I have been trying for some years to adopt our grandchildren.... We thought that our chances for adoption weren't gonna happen. Someone recommended Mrs. Sherman and what a blessing. She kept it real with our case, and we really appreciated her honesty, it's hard to find good people and lawyer like her. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great adoption lawyer. She knows her stuff and if she doesn't have the answer right away for you she will do her research and get back to you without delay." - Connie

"Great Lawyer for Adoptions."

"Christina helped us with all the legal aspects of completing our adoption of our son. She was very professional, friendly, easy to approach, and thorough. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing this service!" - Sarah

"Compassionate and Competent."

"Christina was the perfect combination of compassionate & competent. Throughout my case, I had peace of mind that she was a fierce advocate for my interests, while at the same time being patient, insightful, kind, and accessible in our interactions. While my top priority was having a brilliant lawyer who would win my case, I also discovered a person of great character, who was an all-around pleasure to work with. I recommend Christina to any one who needs top notch legal representation, and appreciates too a highly skilled communicator along the way." - Catherine

"An attorney who earns your trust."

"Christina Sherman is a fierce advocate, poised and professional."

"Christina is an insightful and very approachable attorney who communicates well and often with her clients. I give Christina Sherman high marks. She earns them." - Roger