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The Firm Dedicated To Growing Your Family

We are Christina T. Sherman, PLLC, of Tacoma, Washington. After starting a career in litigation, lawyer Christina T. Sherman created a firm based on something she cares about most: family. We are an adoption firm, and we are dedicated to helping families through the adoption process. Family is important, and we are here to help your family become the way you envision it.

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We handle almost all types of adoption, from adult adoptions to stepparent adoptions to independent adoptions. No matter what you are looking for, Ms. Sherman will work with you personally to determine your goals and how we can achieve them together.

Adoption is a way to make your familial relationships legal. Your family need not be defined by what is on a birth certificate, but it is a gift and a privilege to be a part of a family. If you want to start a family through adoption, we are here to help. Christina T. Sherman, PLLC, wants to help you change the shape of your family for the better.

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We serve clients throughout Tacoma, Pierce County and the Western Washington area.


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